Harmony in the Home

Last night my daughter requested for me to paint her nails.

Since we are a health-conscious family and I am very sensitive to fragrances, we usually paint nails outside in the fresh air during the day. Since it was dark and cold outside, I said let’s wait till tomorrow. 

Being a teenager, she proceeded to start painting on her own while chatting to me, and I lay on the bed listening. When she got to her other hand, she again asked me if I could do it, and of course, I continued to paint them for her. 

This wasn’t how I always responded to situations like this. The old me would have left her room when she started to do her nails and the moment of connection would have ended there. But on the journey of pursuing health in our home, I have learned that heart connection and harmony are THE most important themes. 

So often in our pursuit of health, we ‘do all the things’ but neglect the central most important thing. Too often we invest in costly food and supplements but need to fight or argue with our children to take them. In ‘trying’ to be healthy and free of toxins, we often end up shaming and blaming our children. 

Well I tried that, and it didn’t bring the vibrant health I was seeking…

UNTIL we prioritized heart connection and harmony first. 

Health flows from the inside out

From a heart in harmony with oneself and their world

And our home is simply blessed by the overflow