The source of healing

Lately I have been pondering about health, healing, wellness, creation and more. God has been teaching me so much about Him on this journey, and I want to share with you the perspective He has given me that has blown some of the religious boxes in my mind.

Often in ‘Christian’ circles, we have considered God as our only source of healing and that anything else is less than desirable. Many of us in our pursuit of healing have declared that we are trusting God alone, and have done nothing but pray, receive prayer and lay our request before Him. I myself am an example of this. For a number of years, I was struggling with hay fever, and just kept asking God to heal me. I tried nasal sprays for a while but did not feel right about what they were doing to my body, so I continued to suffer the symptoms and ‘trust God’ to heal me.

Well, have I had a change in perspective! Over the past year I have received such revelation on healing that has blown my religious boxes on what healing is, what it looks like and where it comes from.  Well, it all comes from God ultimately, but the truth is, MOST HEALING does not come from God DIRECT to us, it comes in different vehicles. Creation is one such vehicle of healing that carries the life of God. The power and beauty of creation to heal is incredible. And why not?! God spoke it into being. It carries HIS healing voice and resonance.

If you like science to prove things, then just look at the science of nutrition and the properties of plants to heal. It is fascinating. I do not need science to tell me that eating natural foods and using natural medicines are good for me. I know God created all things for our good and I have experienced the healing power of nature for myself and my family. Nature has power to heal because it is the VERY NATURE of GOD that is woven into creation. And I fully embrace this vehicle of healing and wellness. In fact, it was the vehicle that brought me healing from hay fever.

Another vehicle that carries healing is our own bodies! God created us with an inbuilt ability to balance, restore and heal. This feature in our bodies is God Given and also very powerful. When we work WITH our bodies and LISTEN to what our body is telling us and RESPOND accordingly, we give ourselves permission to heal. This may be exercise, rest, sleep, eating right… Whatever the body needs, if we listen and respond, we can experience healing.

There is so much more to explore on this topic, but I will save it for another day. I am a HUGE believer in healing through prayer and miracles, and yet I know this is just ONE vehicle of healing. My main encouragement to you is this… You’re healing is within reach. God wants to heal you. God has already paid for your healing and made provision for your healing, BUT He may have placed it on a vehicle that you were not expecting. Maybe you were like me, crying out for healing from God, and not able to ‘see’ the healing that was available to you. Open your ‘ears’ to hear today and lift your ‘eyes’ to see today the vehicle for which God is wanting to provide healing for you. God delights in working through people and through creation…and your healing awaits you.

Health and Harmony to you and your families,