Reflections on a wonderful winter

I love winter. Always have, always will. It probably has something to do with my birthday being in winter but also those fresh mornings, warm food, hot drinks and snuggly nights. But winter for most people is something to be endured and something to survive.

Our family has had such a wonderful winter this year and I just want to share some of our personal victories and breakthroughs as well as some keys that I believe have helped make this a successful, enjoyable winter.

Our Language: We have shifted from talking about sickness to speaking about wellness. NOW we talk often with our kids about how healthy and strong they are; about how wonderful their immune system it; about how blessed we are to have oils to protect us from bugs.

Love and listen to our bodies: We have taught the kids how wonderful their immune systems are, and when they have had fevers, we have taught them that the fever is working hard to fight the bugs (which is the truth). We do not supress our body’s immune responses, we work with them. You will be amazed at how fast you recover when you work WITH your body.

Healthy eating: We have been upgrading our food over the past year or so and eating more seasonal, fresh and whole foods. Processed foods are FAR less and real food is what we eat! I bake healthy snacks and cook from scratch.

Essential Oils: We all use oils daily. I spike my drinks. We diffuse mornings and afternoons (especially when the kids are at the bench eating). We do bedtime massages and foot rubs. If the children seem run down, we diffuse in their room overnight. The times the children have been unwell, we have used the oils to support their immune systems and they recover very quickly.

Warm home: We are blessed to have such a warm home that captures the sun so well. But this winter we put all 3 children in one room and had a small heater on through the cold nights. This worked beautifully!

Emotional/Heart Health: This year we have also talked a lot about feelings. When I notice one of the kids (or myself) seeming down or not themselves, I ask them questions like, “Hey what’s going on?” “Is there something you want to talk about?” “Is there anyone you need to forgive?” EVERYTIME I have done this, they have shared stuff with me and we have prayed through it and released whatever was needed, usually forgiveness. After this, they perk up again and I believe this also keeps them healthy from the inside out.

So I could type all day, but that’s enough to give you an idea and maybe a few keys that you could implement in your home. Don’t just survive winter in the future, THRIVE in each season and embrace each day and season for the joy it holds. Speak life into your family and partner with life in all you consume.

I bless you with health and harmony in your homes,