Rani and Family

The healers' journey ...

It was the sickness and suffering of my children that caused me to question the mainstream medical approach and pursue natural solutions for my family.

At the beginning I couldn’t see that I was lost in being a ‘Mummy martyr’. I was stressed, depleted, and overwhelmed, giving priority to my family’s health while neglecting my own. We changed our diet and started to use essential oils, but it wasn’t until I chose to love and nourish myself that harmony and health began to fill our home.

While working with clients as a Naturopath, I encountered many Mums who were seeking solutions for their children’s health, while fully neglecting their own. It was clear to me that they were depleted; trying to nourish their family from an empty cup, but the pressure to be everything to everyone was too much.

I was able to notice this pattern because I had been lost in this too. As a mum with young children, my nervous system was on overdrive. I didn’t notice it at the time, but my breathing was shallow, I was anxious all the time, and I kept giving from a place of exhaustion.

I had bought into the lie that I should put others first, especially my children.

So, being in ‘Mummy Martyr’ mode, I tried to do my best, while neglecting my own health and harmony. Eventually it was my own outbursts of anger that allowed me to see my need for self-care, and the beautiful journey of self-love began.

Harmony in the Home

Rani and Family

As my children witnessed me taking ownership of my health, they too have taken ownership for theirs. They respect and celebrate my time to nourish myself, and it truly enriches our time together. We don’t eat a perfect diet or always make the best choices; in fact we don’t have to.

I quickly learned that stressing about perfection only contributes to disharmony in the home. We find balance by loving one another where we are, while believing in the best for one another.

This became challenging to navigate later in my own health crisis. I trusted the wisdom of my body and nature to guide me on the right path. When the mainstream medical system offered me synthetic hormones or surgery for a large ovarian cyst, I knew this was initiating me into a deeper healing. By doing the energetic and emotional work, alongside a 30 day juice cleanse, my body released a 10cm ovarian cyst and I was left with a perfect ovary, without any scar tissue evident.

This experience taught me so much about healing from the inside out, identifying and addressing the underlying emotional connection and partnering with nature to heal.

A Lifelong Learner

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary): Auckland University
Graduate Diploma in Naturopathy: Naturopathic College of NZ

Extra Study:
Sacred body language
Bio-optic holography (iridology)
Life upgrades using conscious language.

Essential Oils
to Balance

Real Food
to Nourish

to Speak Life

Self Love
to Heal

Here in Divine service...

A life of transformation is a path for the courageous soul who is willing to look within, take full ownership and remain present to the full spectrum of the human experience.

This involves feeling the pain, healing the wounds and facing our fears. It requires us to open our mind, open our hearts and radically trust the unfolding of life.

I am here to hold you with compassion, hold space for your transformation and hold you accountable to your highest path.

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