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Rani and Family

Who am I?

Rani is a vibrant soul who is forging a clear pathway of heaven on earth.  An earth mama, cat lover, writer, singer and surfer, Rani is passionate about empowering others to remember who they are, as sparks of the Divine.

Rani lives in the beautiful Northland, New Zealand with her husband and 3 children, as well as their dog, 3 cats, cows, goats, alpacas and chickens.

Combining her experience as a school teacher, pastor and naturopath, along with her spiritual gifts as a dreamer, empath and intuitive, Rani has a unique ability to awaken you to Heaven within.

As an empowerment coach, Rani offers a truly authentic ‘naturopathy for the soul’. Translate your unique body signals, language, emotional cues and areas of resistance into gifts of growth and transformation, to become the most thriving and vibrant version of yourself.

Passion for Transformation

As I studied naturopathy, every new layer of health brought a new depth of revelation and opened a new world of possibilities. We began to experience more peace, harmony and wellness in our home.

Essential oils led to nutrition which led to affirmations, emotional release, body language translations and so much more.

I love to write and share my personal journey of transformation to equip and empower others to do the same.

Rani Surfing

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary): Auckland University
Graduate Diploma in Naturopathy: Naturopathic College of NZ

Extra Study:
Sacred body language
Bio-optic holography (iridology)
Life upgrades using conscious language.

Essential Oils
for Wellness

Real Food
for Nutrition

for Positivity

Self Love
for Healing

Here in Divine service...

A life of transformation is a path for the courageous soul who is willing to look within, take full ownership and remain present to the full spectrum of the human experience.

This involves feeling the pain, healing the wounds and facing our fears. It requires us to open our mind, open our hearts and radically trust the unfolding of life.

I am here to hold you with compassion, hold space for your transformation and hold you accountable to your highest path.

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