Restoring harmony to your heart, health and home

Are you ready to invest in yourself, experience vibrant health and nourish your family from the overflow?

Yes I am ready!

Hey hey, beautiful being of light...

As a Naturopathic Intuitive, I am honoured to offer a truly authentic ‘naturopathy for the soul’, translating the wisdom of your body signals into soul guidance, activating healing from the inside out.

For the past 8 years, I have applied naturopathic wisdom in our home, nourishing our family with healing foods, plant medicine and body awareness. During my own health crisis 4 years ago, I was able to evade surgery to naturally heal an ovarian cyst with intuitive wisdom and a holistic detox.

Combining my experience as a teacher, pastor, naturopath, intuitive and visionary, I have an abundance of holistic tools to transform your life from surviving to thriving. An earth mama, cat lover, writer, singer, and surfer, I am a joyful soul devoted to cultivating a lifestyle of peace and harmony, calling souls home to heaven within.

At Harmonic Health we interpret the wisdom of the body to initiate healing from the inside out.