Body Balance

We are in the midst of a great awakening, on the edge of expansive shifts and witnessing the dawning of a new age.

On the earth plane, the turbulence is no joke. Crumbling financial systems, constant assaults on family and faith, and ongoing attempts to divide and conquer. If we fix our eyes and feast our hearts on this relentless drama, it is easy to lose hope and our identity.

Yet there is a higher plane of peace and protection that we can live from.

It’s not a realm that disassociates from the world and lives in ignorance but rather one that has our feet firmly grounded on earth while having our faith, hope and trust in the heavens.

Where once I lived ungrounded, obsessed with heaven while neglecting my body, now I see the treasure of this human experience and the purpose of embracing both our humanity and divinity.

The key is to find balance in this dance between heaven and earth.

Our breath and body offer us priceless real time feedback of where we are at. The body doesn’t lie. If we are willing to make time and put aside the noise and distractions of life, we can harness this wisdom for our growth and goodness.

Is your breath shallow and your chest tight? Are you clenching your jaw or frowning subconsciously? It may be time to lean back, surrender and breathe more of heaven in.

Are you feeling racy and rushed, unaware of your physical needs? Do you put others’ needs before yours and distract yourself with acts of service? It may be time to slow down and become more grounded in the moment.

There really is a shit storm going on out there, but there is a place of refuge for us all to ride it out. Heaven is a breath away, peace is a prayer away and hope is already lingering within your high heart, awaiting your complete surrender.

You got this. Give yourself a break from the turmoil and ‘come up here’.