Potential within a seed

Last night as I was soaking off to sleep with some music, I received revelation on the potential within a seed. Spring has sprung and I have finally got round to clearing my garden and planting seeds and seedlings. Oh what a beautiful, therapeutic task it is to garden with my children. Anyway, I had planted some seeds the day before and had remembered to water them in order to help them germinate. As I was laying there in my bed, almost asleep, the light bulb switched on and in about 10 seconds, I had a complete understanding of the potential within a seed and how it needs to be unlocked.

You see, a seed has a hard outer shell that protects all the potential inside. This hard outer covering is necessary for keeping the precious genetic information safe and secure until the ‘right conditions’. Now for a seed to germinate, it’s not about timing. I could watch a seed day after day, night after night, waiting for the right ‘timing’ but it is not going to germinate. Because a seed is not dependent on ‘timing. It is dependent on the right ‘conditions’ to germinate and release the potential within.

What are those conditions that the seed needs to germinate? All seeds need WATER, OXYGEN, and proper TEMPERATURE in order to germinate.

What quenches the thirst of your soul? What fills your lungs with breath? What enables you to feel warm, nurtured and safe? You are unique, and only YOU know what it takes. If you can answer these questions, then you have probably found the right conditions that need to be present to unlock the potential and the gift within you. And if you will intentionally foster an environment like this around you, you will find that the hard outer surface will begin to break away, and LIFE will come forth that carries the unique DNA of who you are and what you are called to release in the earth.

There is potential locked up within you that is not waiting for the right timing, it is waiting for the right conditions. It may have 1 or 2 of those conditions present, but the third element is not there. God knows that the precious potential and gifts locked up within us need the right conditions to be able to succeed…and he has designed us so that these gifts are kept safe until all three factors in our environment are right.

If you feel like your potential has been locked up within you and you can’t seem to ‘break out’ of the hard shell surrounding you, take heart, this shell has been protecting your potential until the right conditions are present to foster this precious gift within you. Be thankful for this.

BUT your next step is to take yourself from the current ‘conditions’ that are not helping you germinate, and SHIFT yourself into the environment FULL of the oxygen, water and the right temperature you need in order to germinate. Take a look at your life and the environment you currently live in, and assess the things that are preventing you from germinating. With courage and persistence, eliminate these negative factors and with JOY, recreate the environment you need to THRIVE. Because we need you, the world needs, you. The unique potential locked up within you is a gift to the world and must be unlocked.

With Love,