Our Skin’s Microbiome

Did you know, just like our gut (and the soil), our skin has a microbiome too. We have trillions of friendly living microorganisms on our skin that create an invisible eco-system to maintain health and balance. That includes over 1000 bacterial species and over 80 fungi species! Just imagine that for a moment! The greater the diversity, the healthier and more resilient the microbiome. 

Our microbiome is unique to us, as it is influenced by genetics and lifestyle, including our interactions with people, places, plants and pets etc (yes the cat licking your face). Our microbiome even differs across our own body, depending on the optimal skin conditions required (dry, moist, exposed, covered etc). 

Our microbiome produces skin nutrients and acts as a barrier to protect our skin from harmful pathogens. Research also shows that our skin microbiome communicates with our immune system, through microbes that are found in the deeper layers of the skin (subcutaneous fat layer). 

As most of you are aware, the overuse of antibiotics has had a damaging effect on our gut microbiome, and the same can be said for our skin microbiome. Constant sanitising, over washing and harsh chemicals are damaging to our skin’s natural microbiome and can result in harmful pathogens taking up residence as well as a disconnect between our environment and our immune system. 

I realise we are in a current climate where extra hand washing is encouraged and hand sanitiser is being forced upon us, but the solution must not be more harmful than the threat. The constant use of harsh disinfectants creates an imbalance in our environments and replaces normal everyday pathogens with harmful toxins that lead to headaches, rashes and stress to our immune system.  

In our home, we use essential oils and natural products for cleaning. Yes, we use gentle natural soaps and sanitisers when necessary, but we are also aware of the wonderful intelligence of the human body, the powerful yet delicate microbiome and our innate ability to balance and thrive. 

Our planet and our bodies thrive when we work in harmony with nature. Health & Harmony to you,