Sick man with daughter at home. The ill family.

Low Immunity: Understand the hidden cause

Our body is designed to thrive and remain in a state of balance known as homeostasis. When the temperature is cold, our body moves heat from our hands and feet to keep our core temperature stable. When we require energy, our body readily converts food or stored body weight to energy. These are examples of the intelligent design of homeostasis within our bodies.

Our immune system is a very complex and intelligent system in our bodies, designed to protect us from harmful pathogens and substances. Unfortunately we live in a society that is filled with harmful substances, even in the so called ‘foods’ we eat.

Synthetic hormones, artificial flavours, colours and highly processed sugars are often perceived by the body as ‘harmful’ (and rightly so). A constant exposure to these anti-nutritious foods causes such a burden to our immune system which is doing its utmost to protect us from harm.

And that’s just our ‘food’. Other everyday bombardments include personal care products, makeup, cleaning products, environmental toxins, fumes and the list goes on. These every day toxins create a lot of work for our immune system.

In addition, when our body is consistently deprived of adequate hydration and nutrition, it must work harder and in more complex ways to maintain the balance (homeostasis) that it so desires to achieve.

A weakened immune system is an obvious sign of a toxic overload of some sort, nutrient deficiencies and a general imbalance in one or more areas of health.

As a naturopath, I help you to get to the root of the issue and we tackle the imbalances from a range of holistic approaches including nutrition, environment, emotional factors and cleansing/detox as needed. Essential oils and herbs provide great natural immune support rather than suppressing symptoms and this in turn leads to stronger immune function over time.

I can support you with dietary advice, beneficial herbs and supplements and a healing protocol to support you in taking ownership of your health and healing the imbalances that have occurred. Click here to find out more about how naturopathy can help you.

Raneeta Curtis – Harmonic Health