Let’s Create a Love Epidemic


There has been a lot of news recently about the spread of sickness, bringing many disruptions and fear on a global scale. Most of this news is fear based and disempowering. I prefer to share knowledge that empowers and encourages others to take positive action from a place of understanding. 

Firstly, fear & stress actually weaken our immune system both energetically and physically. When we are constantly bombarded with sensational messages, our attention and awareness is on fear, sickness, even death and this can cause us to feel like helpless victims in this narrative. 

Energetically, we attract what we place our attention on, so the more we see and entertain fearful thoughts, the more power they have over us. 

On a physical level, our immune system is also impaired when we are stressed due to our nervous system being in fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system). Digestion is impaired, sleep is disrupted and healing is prevented because our body is directing all its energy towards go go going. Gotta run, gotta do this, and that and no time to rest or repair!

A strong immune system, however, flows from a place of rest, safety and nourishment (aka when our parasympathetic nervous system is engaged). 

There are also MANY natural things we can do to strengthen our immune system such as getting enough sleep, using essential oils like lemon & oregano, taking herbs like echinacea, including powerful immune boosters like turmeric, ginger and garlic in our food as well as increasing our intake of vitamin C through brightly coloured fruits and vegetables or quality natural supplements. 

Let’s not be victims to the current narrative. Let’s take action by choosing what we place our attention, partnering with wisdom and nature for a strong immune system and sharing lots of love with those around us. 

After all, love spreads far more powerfully and beautifully than sickness ever could. So let’s create a love epidemic instead. 

Health and Harmony to you


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