Defeating HayFever in three simple steps.

Seasonal allergies can be very inconvenient, causing unwanted  symptoms and preventing you from enjoying the outdoors. Despite most seasonal allergies being caused by pollens, moulds and other airborne allergens, these are more often just the straw that breaks the camels back.

Our body’s immune system is designed to deal rather efficiently with allergens, but very often, the immune system can be overburdened by everyday exposure to allergens in our food and environment.

Allergy symptoms are caused when our bodies release histamine in response to an allergen. A strong immune system is key to fighting seasonal allergies. A holistic approach is recommended to improve the immune system and prevent hay fever symptoms. This including changes to your diet and lifestyle with the help of natural herbs, supplements and essential oils.

1. Eliminate potential food allergens and processed foods

Many processed foods trigger an immune response from our body because they contain substances that our body identifies as harmful. Food allergens can be identified using a food diary, doing hair testing or doing an elimination diet. By eliminating trigger foods, the immune system is no longer overburdened and can deal more efficiently with other allergens such as pollen.

2. Relax and Sleep!

Lifestyle factors such as reducing stress and getting adequate sleep can also have a significant impact on hay fever symptoms. When our sympathetic nervous system is switched on (fight or flight mode) the stress response is activated which weakens the immune response. By practising relaxation techniques and getting adequate sleep, we can naturally improve our immune response and reduce symptoms of hay fever.

3. Naturally boost your immune system

Immune boosting herbs, essential oils and supplements can also have a big impact on our immune response. Herbs such as spirulina are beneficial as well as supplements such as probiotics, zinc and vitamin A. Eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and peppermint are well known to reduce congestion and clear the airways.

I used to suffer from hay fever, taking conventional medicine and experiencing the side effects while truly believing there was a more natural approach. As I made changes to my diet, switched out toxic products for natural ones and started to use essential oils, the symptoms gradually reduced, until I was no longer affected by hay fever.

I have had 4 + years without any hay fever and I am truly thankful that my body experienced these symptoms to help me find the path towards greater health and wholeness. If you truly desire to heal from the inside out, naturopathy is a path that will inspire you to take back ownership for your health and work with nature to begin thriving again. Click here to find out more about how naturopathy can help you.

Raneeta Curtis – Harmonic Health