3 tips to a healthier home

These 3 tips are not the WHAT TO DO, as we are all becoming more aware, but it’s the HOW TO DO…as in, how to transition your family into a healthier lifestyle. These come from my heart and experience over the past year or so. I hope these simple tips help you and your family enjoy the transition.

Embrace the Journey. Turning around your lifestyle choices to become more natural and healthy is a JOURNEY! It is not an overnight change. There are toxic products that need throwing out, a pantry that needs an overhaul, taste buds that need adjusting, emotional habits that need attention and children that need to be convinced! LOL.

It’s a JOURNEY. And if we don’t see it that way, we will always be constantly frustrated at what we are NOT DOING well, instead of celebrating what we are doing well. So embrace the journey. Celebrate each step. Celebrate when you have stopped using chemicals in your kitchen, even if you are still using them in the bathroom. Celebrate when your kids enjoy your healthier baking, even if they still prefer packet items. Celebrate your progress and keep positive! It’s a journey, not an overnighter.

Embrace the inconvenience and the time you spend learning. Yes, I totally did say that. Embrace inconvenience! Why on earth? Because the reason our world has become so toxic, unhealthy and nasty, is because we wanted convenience and we wanted it NOW! And we wanted it CHEAP too! This is what drives so much industry today that couldn’t care less about your health, your children and the environment. So in order to turn this baby around, we have to re-embrace time, processes and things that are less convenient than what we could grab at the supermarket. If we are not willing to do this, we won’t see much change in our homes and our society. Embrace the time spent learning. We have lost so much precious wisdom and knowledge from our grandparents that we need to relearn. Don’t feel it is a waste of time. It’s an investment of your time to learn to live healthier.

Have GRACE for yourself and the whole family. There have been times I have not walked in grace for myself, and this has just left me feeling down and discouraged that I am not doing what I know I should be doing. This is NOT going to help your health or your family. Most experts agree that 95% of all sickness comes from stress, so if we are stressed and not walking in grace for the journey, we are sabotaging our health from the inside out. Having grace for yourself when you learn these new things, means being kind to yourself and setting reasonable goals that you can manage. Also, it is super important to have grace for your family that it will take them time to learn to enjoy new foods, use new natural products and shake a few bad eating habits. Always extend GRACE to yourself and others and the journey will be so much better and fun for everyone.

I bless you with grace for your journey ahead. May you know the joy of living true, and living well.